Beelzebub and Baby PENIS!?


Ok so I’ve been watching this new anime called “Beelzebub for like a month now and I really like it..Like really like it yo!Since episode one I have been hooked it’s quite good actually..On par with most Shonen Jump animu.I’m expecting like 50+ episodes like your usual Shonen Jump anime of course

Cast of Beelzebub

So pretty much it falls into your typical category of shonen animu.. School[check], Comedy[check], Overpowered Protaganist[check], Constant action and fighting[check] and big breasted gal friend[CHECKMATO!!] …What really drives me so much to watch and like this anime is that it deals with those Yankee type characters..I dunno but I’m strangely attracted to them.Ever since I saw that wonderful anime called “Cromartie High” I’ved loved the deliquent,the troubled youths,those teenagers that looked to be at least 40 years old!..I really iz intrigue by them yo they iz fascinating..I mean look at some of the expressions the main character makes


So this right here is the main character Tatsumi Oga..From the first ep I knew I was gonna love this guy yo..He’s soo bad ass..I mean look at his face doesn’t that just make you poop your pants? It sure as hell makes me wanna poop them :<..I mean anyone manly enough to carry around a naked baby and not be deemed a pedophile most be a raging bad ass right?This dude just kicks ass wherever he goes…

Hmmm what now.That’s it right?…Ohh wait wait the plot of this anime almost forgot hehe..

Son I am Proud

So apparently the Demon King is soo important he can’t even take care of his own son…To busy with his life of fame and card games.So some sorry sap is stuck with his son..And that’s where our young sap Oga comes in..He is bestowed the task of raising this young baby as his own to rule and destroy the world!..Sounds fun I know but being the bad ass Oga is the baby took a liking to him and is forever attached to him,not wanting to leave his side for a second!

Double Rainbow?

So this is young Baby Beel..The young Demon King that will rule the world when he gets older..He’s good for crying,shocking people as he is Pikachu and do a little streaking…Yes he is the youngest nudist known to man..I mean come on I never read the manga,but at some point he has to wear diapers right..Till now he has been butt naked wit his baby balls all up in Oga’s face..Almost every scene you will see this babies ball..Maybe they should change his name to Baby Balls?Get it cause Beel could be balls?Hehe >_>..So does this make this a ecchi anime?..With all the nudity it should be right right? :<

Soo cute :3

But I digress he is a assisted by his noble and sappy friend Takayuki Furuichi..This guy is a real sap..At one point Furuichi was forced to house Alaindelon (A dimensional portal being thingy) into his home..Of course the reason for it was hilarious..Something involving someone taking someone’s manhood and someone needing to take responsibility ouo…


I honestly see some Yaoi for these two..And I mean a hella lot for them..Like allot allot….Manly and Boy shipping Mmm..Ohh the fan fics the fangirls will produce..Pelvic thrusts!..Length grabbing?Kinky prostate probing ohh jeez….Those fujoshi will have a field day yes they will!………………Hmmm where was I Ohh yes the anime..I haven’t talked much about it huh?..Get used to this is what my blogs is like..Constant ramblings and mumblings like that dumb kid who finally knows something about something…Oh yeah the anime :I….

A loving Family :3

Even Oga was forced to house Hildegarde (the obligatory big breasted demon hottie)…It was stated to his parents that he got her pregnant with Baby Beel and most take care of his manly duties..I lol’d when I saw this scene such hilarity

But seriously I’m tired of seeing baby penis…Look man look!

Pedophiles look away or you'll be jailed :<

I mean it supposed to look cute..But it’s quite distracting to say the least..@____@ very very distracting man I can’t stop staring at it..I’m not gay but cereally censor these..They censor boobs all the time why not these? :<

I command you to WATCH THIS ANIME!!!!

Well all in all my ramblings about this anime taught you allot yes?..Baby penis,demons that big boobed girl I just mentioned and stuff..Ohhh and Yaoi and stuff..Stay tuned for more of my ramblings yo