“Touhou 13 – Ten Desires” unvailed by ZUN Studios

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Yesterday, ZUN (the developer of Touhou) officially reviled their next game “Touhou 13 – Ten Desires” which is part of the long (and I mean long!) running series of the Touhou doujin games. Like always (like having a heads and tails on each side of a coin), there will be a demo of this suicidaly hard shoot ‘em up game, in the next Reitaisai event which will be held on March 13th. We do not know the full list of playable character in the demo yet but the following have been confirmed Sanae, Youmu, Reimu and Marisa. In the reveal, ZUN did not state when the full version, will be available.

And now the um…. story if you can call it a story:

“A multitude of spirits suddenly appear. They are the type known as Divine Spirits. Seeing as how this event cannot be left ignored, the young girl goes out to investigate.”

Source AnimeNewsNetwork

This is what i call a prime example of um.....a menu ah.....thats all ,but i have got to say, the girl in the right looks realy cute! 🙂

Woh! So many little dots! So many bullets! So many Game Overs! ....Don't make me say "So many" again.

When i think about it, their is a lot of stat bars to look at (can you even look at it, while playing this crazy game?. I wonder what she is saying...hm.....mabye i don't want to know.

So what do your guys think about the 13th sequel of this game? is it even woth a Sequel , or are the developers just milking the series? Please comment below. And please, leave a vote on the poll.

And i know Aethri, (one of the Authors of this site) will have something to say.