The Daily AwsomeNews 06/02/2011

Welcome to my first daily news post, i am going to (try..) post daily news updates on anime (stuff like that)

Well onto the news!

It looks like Tokyopop will be premiering their 8 eps videodoc on Japanese fandom culture, on the 24th Feb via (must watch)

This documentary was first filmed last summer. It follows the owner of Tokyopop and director Stu Levy journey through the USA, while following (Sounds like Twitter “LOL”) 19 anime fanatics on the life of an Otaku.


The world adored (well at least I adore him) 71 year old righter  of barefoot gen manga (Manga is about the Hiroshima atomic bombing and after story)  Keiji Nakazwa just revealed yesterday that he has been in hospital for 3 months due to lung cancer (poor man). But somehow he visited the start of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Expo and said in a big grin that he somehow got better. (I call it magic)

Run for your life!!!!!!!!!!

Well well well voice actor Yuko Miyamura is going to have a second baby soon (congrats to her) It was announced yesterday on her blog and concert that she should be having a baby by the end of July. Her last baby was born 7 years ago (2004)

It looks like Hetalai – axis powers vol 2 is at the top of the NY Times Manga best sellers. Followed by Black Butler vol 4 and Vampire knight vol 11. You can see the rest below;

Well if any one of you were wondering what people would put the oreimo Characters in a top 10 would be. You don’t have to wonder anymore because Dengeki Mag has done it for use!

  1. Kirino Kōsaka
  2. Kuroneko
  3. Ayase Aragaki
  4. Manami Tamura
  5. Saori Bajiina
  6. Kanako Kurusu
  7. Kyōsuke Kōsaka
  8. Sena Akagi
  9. Kōhei Akagi
  10. Bridget Evans
  11. Kuroneko’s younger sister

(i wonder what you think of this list my felow readers, Please leave a comment below!)

One of the best anime's of all time (well thats what i think)

Well it looks like the jap Tv company TV Tokyo has unveiled a website to show the premiere of Sengoku Otamoe – memorio Pardox anime adaption of Heiwa’s pachinko game (I will be definitely checking out this game later). The 2008 game depicts japans’ era of the Warning states, while using 5 female warriors to show it.

Nice character designs

Please leave a comment guys on what you think of my new daily news program and on the new it self!

Source:Anime new network