A brand new project diva 2 DLC for Luka and Miku

(I’m back and still kicking!)

The next DLC set for project diva 2 is set in stone to be released on January 27th on the Japanese PSN store! This DLC is celebrating the 2nd year of Vocaloiad Luka Meagurine (which is supposed to be on the 30th, but who cares). Please take a look see below for info and screenshots after the break.

Majokko Luka module: 300 Yen. Piapro x SEGA collaboration — original design

Anniversary Luka (Room Theme): 100 Yen

Anniversary Luka item (Shelf): 100 Yen. Tako Luka

Anniversary Luka item (Floor): 100 Yen. Birthday cake complete with frozen tuna (tuna WTF)

I just love her cute Goth/witch module ^_^ the hat just makes it the perfect deign (this is defiantly worth 300 yen!)

Ah she is so Cute! ^_^ (but the new costume makes her look cuter)

And guess what? sega is planning on releasing another heart worming (I mean cold warming @_@) new Snow Hatsuna Miku
DLC module! (Wahay god must love must me or my money )

Snow Miku module: 300 Yen. This is planned to come out on January 27th (just like Luka’s one ^_^)

It is rumoured that this same module will land onto the ps3 version as well, seen on the upper screenshot (planned to be released on the 31st)

The scarf and the gloves are just soooo cute!!! ^_^

And i just love how she looks in high-def!!

And please comment if you like these new miku modules!